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The Formula 1 2014 season  has already started last weekend in Australia. Nico Rosberg won the first 2014 Grand Prix in Melbourne, he finished  more than 20 seconds ahead of the field. Daniel Ricciardo came in second on home tarmac, but was later excluded for a rule breach. So after after stewards decision and Ricciardo's disqualification, McLaren's rookie Kevin Magnussen finished second and his team-mate Jenson Button finished third.

So now let's get to the main reason of this post!

Here's the 2014 mod  for F1 2013 ™ by Codemasters for you to download and play it. Thanks to Gustavo Luna for permission to distribute his F1 2014 season mod here on F1 Fast Lap blog. And of course thanks to all other modders who were involved in this project.


Fictional F1 2014 Season Mod

  • Language: English
  • Note: This mod is only for  career mode it's not Multiplayer compatible
  • 2014 F1 drivers and teams
  • Fictional 2014 calendar
F1 2014 Season Mod includes:

  • Gearbox of 8 gears
  • Emulation ERS
  • Cars (drivers, helmets, etc)
  • Characters (drivers textures)
  • Database (calendar and circuits)
  • Frontend (textures/updates for drivers and teams)
  • Language (2014 / new dates / new drivers)
  • Changed the logo (now 2014 logo) in the menu
  • Updated garages
  • New photos of the drivers in the menu
  • New pictures of drivers helmets in the menu 
  • Drivers Menu (All helmets and updated numbers) 
  • Grid Representation of all cars in 2014
For more mod description updates visit this link 



*F1 2014 Season Mod (for F1 2013) Made By Gustavo Luna*


This mod is compressed in 7z archive file. You need 7-Zip or you can also unpack with winrar program if you have already installed 7-Zip program!

Make sure, when extracting the files, that you backup your game files first. Also create a backup of your savegame files. Open the downloaded file… and copy/replace all contents of folder »F1 2014 Season Mod (for F1 2013) v1.2.3 or v1.2.4 By Luna» in the main folder of  F1 2013 in:


Optional configuration in v1.2.3, while v1.2.4 already includes 2014 Rule - 8 gears - ERS System

If you want to have 2013 Rule - gearbox of 7 gears - DRS
2014 Rule - gearbox of 8 gears - ERS

Select your desired rule and copy/replace contents of selected folder in in the main folder of  F1 2013 in: 


And and finally here's the download link for you… Enjoy!

8 komentarji:

  1. Nekem mért nincs benne Magnussen,Kvjat,Kobajasi,Ericsson.
    Helyette Webber stb van mért?

    1. I don't understand your question. Please write in English.

  2. For me it is not the names of the new pilots q such games Kobayashi, Magnussen.

    1. This happens because you are not using english language in the game. You are using the original language_***.lng file. Change the language in steam to english and then replace it with modified from F1 2014 season mod.

  3. Yeah so I have mukodik.Olyan Question is since I am Hungarian and Hungarian translation of the game so it does not work because they are not included in the game lineup for the 2014 team?

    1. I don't understand your question...

      By the way, if you still have the problem with language file (with the names of the drivers), there is a simple solution: just rename the language of the mod file to match your language:

      Create a backup of you original language file before renaming.

      Example: For Portuguese-Brazil, language file in the default folder is called language_bra.Ing. Rename the file (from the mod, language_eng.Ing) to - language_bra.Ing.

      Note that the language of all the menus of the game will be in English language then.

  4. English-operation with no trouble.
    Replaces the Hungarian translation if it is not good just because I am Hungarian.