Pastor Maldonado 2014 Helmet HD

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A new design of Pastor Maldonado's 2014 Lotus helmet skin mod for F1 2013 ™ by Codemasters is ready for you to download and install it in your game. Pastor Maldonado's new look helmet, with his new personal logo featuring his permanent race number 13. Pastor Maldonado has garnered a lot of respect as well, selecting the number 13 - long avoided in F1 circles due to misguided superstition.

Pastor Maldonado believes Lotus will have a car capable of competing with the top teams in Formula 1 despite their financial issues.

Lack of Lotus cash forced them to miss the first round of pre-season testing in Jerez and, when they did get the car on the track in Bahrain, it managed just 22 laps in the first two days of tests.

While things did improve when Maldonado got in the car for the final two days of Bahrain pre-season testing, the Renault-powered team are still someway off the likes of Mercedes-powered cars - McLaren, AMG Mercedes and Williams.

Maldonado, who jumped from Williams to Lotus this winter, is remaining positive, though, and claims they are making big strides forward in the car's development.

»We are getting better and better day after day, which is very positive. We were the quickest with the Renault and we did the most laps - so that's very positive,«.

»We are learning a lot and I am getting my confidence with the car. Communication with the team is very good and we are nearly arriving at where we want to be. For sure, we were expecting more laps, and we had some problems, but the important thing is that we have solved those problems and it was nice and clean today. So we are quite happy.«


Done in HD (4096x4096) size. The cutscene and in car helmets are included. Will replace AI driver files. The rar file includes a texture DDS file for those wishing to swap for someone else.



*Pastor Maldonado 2014 HD Helmet Skin Made by NICKRAY*

(mod taken with permission from the author)

Distribution or use in other mods: Requires permission from the author NICKRAY


Make sure, when extracting the files, that you backup your game files first. Unrar the file… and extract/replace folders »cars« and »characters« in the main folder of F1 2013 in;


And here is the download link for you… Enjoy

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