McLaren Mercedes MP4-29 Australian&Malaysian GP Livery

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Two weeks ago in Melbourne, McLaren said the prominent »Mobil« branding on the sidepods of its 2014 car was a one-off. Now in Malaysia, McLaren's black sidepods are featuring the branding of »Esso«, another ExxonMobil brand.

McLaren 2014 Australian GP special livery as the team was celebrating the 20th anniversary of its relationship with ExxonMobil. 

The Mercedes-powered car launched by the Woking based team and tested throughout the winter was all silver, with »MP4-29« marked on the silver sidepods in the wake of title sponsor Vodafone's departure. Revised bodywork for the MP4-29's sidepods and rear wing, featuring detailed black livery markings with Mobil fuels branding alongside Mobil 1. The relationship between McLaren and ExxonMobil began back in 1995, and acting McLaren CEO Jonathan Neale said it was right the partnership is recognised.


*McLaren Mercedes MP4-29 Australian GP SD&HD and McLaren Mercedes MP4-29 Australian GP livery Made Gustavo Luna*

  • (mod taken with permission from the author)
  • Distribution or use in other mods: Requires permission from the author Gustavo Luna

Mclaren Australian and Malaysian GP liveries done in SD (2048x2048) and HD (4096x4096) sizes. Files are clearly marked in the download file.


McLaren Mercedes MP4-29 Australian GP

McLaren Mercedes MP4-29 Malaysian GP


Make sure, when extracting the files, that you backup your original game files. Create a backup  of folder »livery_main« which is in folder directory:


After you have downloaded a file.Open the rar file… choose one size SD(2048) or HD(4096) and copy/replace the whole folder »cars« in your main directory of F1 2013 under:


And here are the download links for you… Enjoy

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