Ferrari F14 T

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The 2014 Ferrari F14 T livery for F1 2012 ™ by Codemasters . This livery is based on Mclaren chassis. Last year’s livery remains largely intact but there's one interesting livery change for Ferrari - large black section at the back of the car.

The F14 T - name of the car was chosen by fans in a poll organised by Ferrari. The »14«  represents the year of competition, and the »T« reflects the series shift to a turbocharged engine formula.

The Ferrari F14 T will be driven by former World Drivers' Champions Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen, who returned to the team after a five-year absence. Ferrari will continue to use three test and development drivers during the 2014 F1 season. The test drivers for 2014 F1 season at Ferrari are Pedro de la Rosa, Marc Gene and Davide Rigon.


*Ferrari F14T DHD Car Skin Made By Gerald Chinoy*


Ferrari F14T based on Mclaren chassis. Done in DHD (8192x8192) size.



Make sure, when extracting the files, that you backup your game files first.

After you have downloaded a file. Unzip the rar file… and copy/replace the whole folder »cars«, »characters« and »interiors« in your main directory of F1 2012 under »Drive:\Steam\SteamApps\common\ F1 2012».

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  1. Hello, I wanted to ask if you could have the Ferrari F14-T for F1 2013.

    1. This skin won't work in F1 2013.
      Codemasters made skin restrictions for F1 2013... so the car skin can't be done properly, because of F1 2013 mirroring skinning problems
      There's no way to create Ferrari F14T skin for F1 2013 close to real. U can't have a large black section at the back of the car and so on.