BR Petrobras Williams-Mercedes Benz Team

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BR Petrobras Williams-Mercedes Benz Team Pack, done in 3 sizes ( the 3 sizes - DHD, HD, SD only for  the car livery ).  The rest of the mod is in the same size. Car numbers are done according to 2014 ones, as well as Massa number one driver. Ingame name isn't changed so you can use this team pack online too.

Williams today debuted their Mercedes powered FW36 on track, a first time the wide public could see the car. The team however struggled with several eletrical issues and ended up running only a handful of laps on the first day at Jerez.

Valtteri Bottas, FW36-01 / PU106A Hybrid: It wasn't an ideal start to the day but the positive thing is that the team did a great job to fix the problems we found overnight and we got the car working well to complete a few laps this afternoon. The car matched my expectations on track with more torque. It feels like a very different car compared to last year in the way it handles as well as the power. After only a few laps we found a few things we can improve which is also good, so we need to start working on those things tomorrow.


*BR Petrobras Williams-Mercedes Team Made by w1n1x*
*Steering Wheel Made By Wilmer Chavez*
*Helmets Made By Gerald Chinoy*


Car is completely redone, textures,logos, nuts,screws,etc
Car livery done in SD (2048x2048px), HD (4096x4096px), DHD (8192x8192px) resolution sizes.
Consists of car skins , pitcrew,racecrew,driver suits, in car driver suits, driver helmets, cutscene suits, helmets, steering wheel, garage.  Files are clearly marked in the download file.



Make sure, when extracting the files, that you backup your original game files. After you have downloaded a file. Open the 7.z archive file… Choose the desired size and then extract&replace folders »cars«, »characters«, »garages«, »interiors« in the main folder of F1 2013 in »Drive:\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2013».

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