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The 2014 Red Bull livery for F1 2013 ™ by Codemasters .The car has lost some of the purple colour scheme that was on the sidepods of the RB9 and instead reverted back to the navy blue colour that is found on the rest of the car. However, the Infiniti branding remains. 2014 Red Bull livery done in SD, HD and DHD quality. Remember that this livery is not 100% accurate like in real life because of skin restrictions which has  Codemasters made in F1 2013 game.

The Red Bull RB10

Unlike many of the team’s rivals, Red Bull opted against an anteater style nose with the RB10 and instead the car has a wide front with a more gentle, narrow tip, meaning that it is aesthetically more pleasing than many of its contemporaries. The colour scheme means that the part of the nose which does protrude blends in with the rest of the front of the car, making it less of an eyesore than the likes of the Force India and the McLaren.

Red Bull - Jerez Test 2014

Red Bull’s nightmares at the season opening Jerez test session continued unabated, as Daniel Ricciardo’s first day (Thursday) in the RB10 came to an early end due to the ongoing “Renault energy storage” problem, while energy drinks billionaire team owner Dietrich Mateschitz looked on.

After Sebastian Vettel's own preparations stalled after he had completed a total of just 11 laps across the opening two days, hopes were high at Red Bull that the first appearance of new team-mate Daniel Ricciardo might also see them get their programme back on track.


*2014 Red Bull HD&DHD Car Livery Made By miki2000milos*
*Red Bull RB10 SD,HD&DHD Car Livery Made By Pebz*


Done in SD (2048x2048), HD (4096x4096) and DHD (8192x8192) sizes. Files are clearly marked in the download file.


2014 Red Bull HD&DHD By miki2000milos

Red Bull RB10 SD,HD&DHD by Pebz


Make sure, when extracting the files, that you backup your original game files. Create a backup  of folder »rb2« which is in  folder directory: »Drive:\Steam\SteamApps\common\f12013\cars» .

After you have downloaded a file. Open the rar file… Choose which resolution you want to use - SD(2048), HD(4096) or DHD(8192) and copy/replace the whole folder »cars« in your main directory of F1 2013 under: »Drive:\Steam\SteamApps\common\f12013».

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  1. which is not nicely done because essential parts ignored beisipiel the number 1 is false that looks different now from the side box missing the strip and viles three colored more

    1. I wrote in the first paragraph:
      Remember that this livery is not 100% accurate like in real life...