F1 2013 Realistic LED Display Module

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The ultra bright »change up« lights on steering wheel tell the driver the perfect time for the optimum gearshift. This displays warning lights, with colours corresponding to the marshals’ flags, to alert drivers to approaching hazards, such as an accident, on the track ahead.

Realistic display module was designed to present drivers with the information they require in a clearly-legible and simple format via alphanumeric LED displays and LED lamps.


  • High resolution, pure animation, effects shine.
  • New fonts - the right proportions and symmetrical arrangement. Symbols neutral and reverse gear, are replaced with "N" and "R" for right, "O" and "P", respectively. Removed the character "K" indicate Kers. Traced all the segments in the symbolic indicators.
  • New tachometer. Over the correct location of light bulbs. Instead of vague points clear filters. The LEDs brighter, more real, well-marked on all cameras.Mip mapping LEDs made by hands, that would be scaling the halo does not become harsh and grainy. Blue LEDs are made brighter than the other, giving a light flash effect (helps you from missing a shift.) Along with the glow effect gives a more realistic perception of light in general both direct and peripheral (more importantly) vision ..
  • New texture case. Dark color with a bluish tinge in the game against the yellow light should give a sense of black. Modified form of windows indicators visually smoothed corners. Removed the jamb bolt. Removed reflectivity.
  • Created a file for all the teams and cars.
  • Several different schemes tachometer display.
  • Some important changes that improve the display for all teams
  • Added new universal display LED's for all teams: 15x1 and 3x5
  • Small important changes of the settings






*F1 2013 Realistic LED Display Module Mod Made By lyolik*


Unpack the rar file, choose your desired new LED module and copy all files from that folder in your main F1 2013 directory, e.g.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2013 (Or, wherever you have installed F1 2013).

Or install it using the program Ryder Mod Manager 

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