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This pack contains all 19 track updates for F1 2013 by Codemasters, changed HD tarmac, sponsors updates, new podiums… And that's not all, this pack is also containing F1 2013 Classic Track Updates with circuits of Monaco, Monza, Suzuka and Sao Paulo. Changes in these four Classic track updates are new adverts and textures, new podiums, new tyre walls . Remember that the track updates are not 100% accurate. All track updates are made by Reddvers and Chargingcar.


F1 2013 HD Track Updates

HD Track Update - Australian GP - Rolex Podium, F1 Flags replace Quantas on stand, green wall replaces red on straight No2.

HD Track Update - Malaysian GP - Custom flags and Malaysian versions, Petronas podium and much more new flags.

HD Track Update - Chinese GP - UBS podium, custom banners, Chinese flags, FIA truck.

HD Track Update - Bahrain GP - Gulf Air podium, flag of Bahrain and other custom versions.

HD Track Update - Spanish GP - Santander podium, various flags for Alonso.

HD Track Update - Monaco GP - A few custom adverts replacing Codemasters generic, white and black banners.

HD Track Update - Canadian GP - Rolex podium, Canadian flags an banners, dulled down the crowd umbrellas.

HD Track Update - British GP - Santander podium, Each British driver has their own large flag, Hamilton has a special Grenadian Union flag, small Home Nation flags to show that is a true British Grand Prix.

HD Track Update - German GP - Mercedes Benz logo on tower, Vettel and Rosbeg flags, FIA and Pirelli trucks replace generic versions, Santander podium.

HD Track Update - Hungarian GP - New Rolex clock, LG podium, main straight LG sponsor, two-toned blue tyre barriers, Hungarian flag and others replacing generic versions.

HD Track Update - Belgian GP - Shell podium, Belgium flags, FIA and Pirelli trucks.

HD Track Update - Italian GP - Pirelli main straight, Pirelli podium, Tifossi Ferrari flags, Fly Emirates terrain advert.

HD Track Update - Singapore GP - Singtel podium, Johnnie Walker adverts increased, »Ricciardo Wall« with Fly Emirates advert.

HD Track Update - Korean GP - Updated tarmac and run off areas

HD Track Update - Japanese GP - DHL main straight advert, Rolex podium, Kobayashi flag (KOB) and custom flags, UBS last section - had to be adapted to fit original Rolex signs, Rolex advert on lap tower.

HD Track Update - Indian GP - Indian flags plus various custom ones, Airtel podium and Rolex clock, FIA truck, Johnnie Walker advert.

HD Track Update - Abu Dhabi GP - Custom banners and flags, Ferrari logo on Ferrari World, FIA and Pirelli trucks, Yas Marina -new flag, Etihad podium, new Nbad logo and added nbad balloon, new green rolex walk way.

HD Track Update - United States GP - FIA truck, Rolex podium, US, Texan and Mexican large flags, US, Texan and Mexican small track side flags, Rolex adverts replace Pirelli, Rolex sign on pit Timer Tower, New COTA track lorry, red/white tyre barriers replace by grey versions.

HD Track Update - Brazillian GP - Lubrax and Petrobras podium, garage banners, Petrobras and Johnnie Walker adverts ( adverts replace CM generic ones), Brazilian baloon in sky.

F1 2013 Classic Track Updates

Monaco GP, Italian GP, Japanese GP, Brazillian GP - New adverts and textures, new podiums, new tyre walls


*F1 2013 All Tracks Update HD Made By Reddvers and Chargingcar*


This track pack is compressed in 7z archive file. You need 7-Zip or you can also unpack with winrar program if u have already installed 7-Zip program!

Make sure, when extracting the files, that you backup your original game files. Create a backup of folder »tracks«. After you have downloaded a file, open the 7-Zip file, choose »F1 2013 HD Track Updates« or »F1 2013 Classic Track Updates» and copy&replace the whole folder »tracks« in your main directory of F1 2013 under;

»Drive:\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2013».

And here is the download link for you… Enjoy

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