Vettel's 2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Helmet

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Here's a Seb's 2013 Abu Dhabi - 24carat IV times World Champion helmet for F1 2013 ™ by Codemasters.

Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel wore a specially designed helmet for the Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying and race days features 24 carat gold.

Vettel, who has already wrapped up the 2013 title to make it four in a row.

A week after the German notched up his fourth consecutive Drivers’ title in India, he has travelled to the Abu Dhabi with a special helmet livery to wear for the race in celebration of the achievement. 

Red Bull driver’s helmet painter Jens Munser only needed two days to prepare the design.

But surely the gold leaf made the helmet much more expensive than usual for Vettel, who has reportedly been paid a €5 million bonus by Red Bull for winning the title?

“No, it costs €5 000, with or without the gold,” said Peter Burger, of Vettel’s helmet manufacturer, Arai.


Done in HD (4096x4096)  & DHD (8192x8192) sizes. Files are clearly marked in the download file. The cutscene and in car helmets are included. Will replace AI driver files.



*Vettel's 2013 Abu Dhabi GP Helmet Made by ML2166*


Make sure, when extracting the files, that you backup your original game files. Unzip the zip file… Choose the desired helmet size and copy folders  »cars«, »characters« into the main folder of F1 2013 in »Drive:\Steam\SteamApps\common\ F1 2013».

And here is the download link for you… Enjoy

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