Ultimate Cockpit Movement Cams v3.2

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Here is the Ultimate Cockpit Movement Cams Mod. Say goodbye to awfull default movement, say hello to a good movement.

Can anyone stop Vettel’s relentless charge to a fourth Formula 1 world title?

World Champion elect Sebastian Vettel once again – in ‘Groundhog Day style’ – delivered an outstanding lap when it really mattered, to claim his fourth consecutive pole position and set himself up nicely for four wins in a row and with it took a step closer to his fourth World Drivers’ title.

The Red Bull driver needed only one lap, his first in Q3 to claim the top spot start position with a time of 1:37.202 and with it stamp his authority on day two after playing second fiddle to Lewis Hamilton on the opening day at the circuit in Mokpo.

The result was a big milestone for Renault, as this was 208th Formula 1 pole position by a Renault powered car, which matches the all-time record held by Ferrari.

Vettel said after his 42nd career pole, “I think it was fairly close. We had a very good lap on my first attempt. I knew it would be tricky for me to beat that time. I tried but I caught Kimi on [my] warm up lap on the second run. I was a bit too close, [it was] not ideal. Fortunately, the first lap was good enough.” <<source>>  


  • Changed the movement on cockpit cams only.
  • Removed the aggressive leaning as you turn for a more subtle turn that don't happen until you take a tight turn.
  • Lift dip twist calibrated.
  • Slight fov change and slight height adjustment.
  • The first Gear up and gear down effect added and calibrated.
  • Added 6 new cams with 3 different effects.
  • Lift dip twist calibrated.
  • Gear up and gear down effect added and calibrated woopy doo..
  • Modder is still working on the 80s cars cams but he added them anyway for you to try.
  • Added one from subtle movement camera mod and the other movement is new with 
  • Added shake effect and front suspension compression under breaking effect
  • Added the lateral side movement cockpit camera
  • Added pod camera
Be sure to set rear view as rear view and not look back or you will be looking through the car body on the ground effect cam.

  • Rearranged how the cams cycle and added camera that's very close to the wheel.
  • The cams now move closer as you go to the next one each with there own style of movement.
  • Completed the classic cars.

  • Added the The Ferrari 312 T2 cams

  • Fixed some errors




*Ultimate Cockpit Movement Cams Made By kelaroost*


Extract folder "cars" to "Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2013" and let it overwrite. Dont forget to back up your original folder cars first.

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