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Here's a new Fom Cockpit Mod Cam for F1 2013 ™ by Codemasters. Many thanks to Vlasovas and other modders who were involved in this project.

The Red Bull driver will be champion if he wins at Suzuka and rival Fernando Alonso of Ferrari is lower than eighth.

Vettel said: "To be honest, I don't really care. I look forward to Japan because it's one of the nicest tracks.

"There are a lot of points to get, even though it looks very good for us. There's still a chance for Fernando, so we have to stay on top of our game."

After his dominant victory in Korea on Sunday, Vettel is 77 points ahead of Alonso - who finished sixth in Korea - with a maximum of 125 available from the remaining five races.

It is more likely Vettel will win the title in either India or Abu Dhabi, the two races after Japan, as Alonso has finished as low as eighth only once this season when he has made it to the end of a race, and that was when his car had a reliability problem in Bahrain.

Alonso said: "The championship is a low priority at the moment. It doesn't look so good, not only because of points but more the performance gap that is stopping us thinking about the championship. We will not give up, [but] second in the constructors' championship is more realistic."

Suzuka in Japan is Vettel's favourite track, but he said he did not mind where he won the title.
"To be honest, I don't think it really matters," he said. "I think it's an exceptional situation anyway. Even though it looks very good, it's still not over so we shouldn't feel too comfortable.

"Which track? It's not really important. Sure, there are a couple of tracks that probably mean a little bit more to the drivers than others.

"I think generally there's no track on the calendar that I dislike but there are a couple of highlights.<<source>>

Mod created with new attributes, never added in mod cameras before, with this mod the driver will have the feeling of actually being on a different team, with each start with different team!

Because besides modify and include a motion camera , He also changes the driving performance, starting here, weaker teams have a car much more unstable with lower suspension, and compromised aerodynamics as well as the most potent teams also have a set better and smoother to the Piloting the feeling is of being in a different game with each team, all of this irrespective of AI mod (no change in database, only cameras) the movement of the cameras is much softer compared to 2012 mod, and was added the feeling of brakes at points where it is more required in the tracks!

Also added to the package "Classics", however a little simpler, and added multplayer mode, the player will only have 2 cockpit cameras and rear view opposite sides on each!
Another innovation for you, the height of the cameras will serve for a future mod visors too!<<source>> 


*Fom Cockpit Mod Cam 2013 Mod Made ​​by Vlasovas, Kadosh54 ( La Plata )*


Kadosh54 ( La Plata ), Kenken, Roberto Costa, Ryder25, ML2166, Warok, zeno DYK, wazza1, Tommi-TAG, Rini Braat, T46D, Carl Hughes, camopi, Nicolas Vial, The entire Community!



  • Differential effects of driving per team, aerodynamics and suspension (do a race with a Lotus, then another of marrusia or caterham and you'll understand)
  • 3 types of motion
  • Removal of cameras Chase_Close, Bumper ( the cameras were hidden in order to maintain fewer camera cycles )
  • 2 Cockpit cameras, one without movement, the other with movement and hud (single player, and classics)
  • New rear views, simulating rearview mirror, showing the tires and their wear(the intention was to display tire)
  • Unique multplayer Package with only 2 cockpit, and rear view cameras on each side (so there is no advantage among competitors)
  • Mode Classics Series 80, also with cameras Motion

  • Added another package with less movement (20-20)
  • Adding the effect gear change
  • Fixes for some cameras
  • Effect Brake improved to be faster

  • Fixes Cameras in the cockpit, in the package multplayer, where in the box, appeared a gray screen

  • Added real rearview cameras in the cockpit
  • Several improvements in the cockpit camera ( classic )
  • Multplayer with only two cameras motion
  • Several versions multplayer added
  • Version with FOV 44 (only in 2013 cars) added

In Fom Cockpit Cam Mod 2013 v3.0 was added a feeling of trepidation on the tracks and also vacuum when pursuing one or more cars, making your game more much more exciting! Version 3.0 also contains Classics package, all reworked and proper the style of the 80s.

  • Author of this mod - Vlasovas worked on the previous version and amplified effects like vacuum and trepidation
  • Several improvements in cockpit camera in classic package
  • Cockpit in original position
  • With Version FOV to 43 and 53 added
  • Camera view of the car and the ground, removed in single pack
  • Cockpit only in multplayer version
  • Removed the braking effect in 2013
NOTE (v3.0)

All other cameras are hidden in xml. if you want any of them it back, use an editor and just change the hidden = "true" to false
 If you want to edit to remove trepidation or look at the curve, this is the name of the cameras cockpit "head-camHUD"


version 1.0

version 2.0

version 3.0


Fom Cockpit Mod Cam 2013 v3.0

FOV 43 Multiplayer Version (2 cockpits with each its mirror vision)

FOV 53 Multiplayer Version (2 cockpits with each its mirror vision)


Install with the Ryder Mod Manager or simply extract.

How to install with Ryder Mod Manager

Have fun with it and here is the download link for you!

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  1. Can you upload the same Mod but without the Movement in the Cockpit.
    Ihaven´t a Backup from the Original Files

  2. thanks and can you make your Mod without Headmotion for the T-Cam and the Cockpitcams.
    So that i have the Original Cams and yours in one Mod but without Headmotion.

    1. This is not my mod, Vlasovas is the author of this mod. U can ask him if he will make Mod without Headmotion for the T-Cam and the Cockpitcams for you. Here is the link to Vlasovas Blog