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Here's a new mod for F1 2013 ™ by Codemasters. This mod brings you simulation of tire wear visible during the race and contains two variations dark and stained. This mod, displays worn tires and blistered, and only a variation of locked wheel at this time. 

New Pirelli Tires 2013 Happy New Year Edition mod brings you Pirelli stripes with dirt, side of the tire is in HD quality, warning light ( light glow) improved, one different tire wear for each tire.

Pirelli renews F1 quit threat amid push for more tyre testing

Behind closed doors, Pirelli is still fuming and stamping its managerial feet as the Italian tyre supplier pushes to be ready for the 2014 season.

International reports, including in Spain’s El Mundo Deportivo and by Italy’s Italiaracing, say that the sport’s tyre supplier wants all the major Formula 1 teams to take their 2013 cars to two tyre tests, in Abu Dhabi in November and December.

“We can’t carry on going round in circles and decide to do nothing,” Paul Hembery said recently. “Something has to change.”

Pirelli’s frustration is with the lack of cooperation from the teams amid the Italian marque’s tumultuous 2013 season, where the criticism of its products has been at fever pitch.

So the reports thatsay Pirelli will insist on the Abu Dhabi tests when Formula 1′s new strategic committee meets next Monday.

“Pirelli wants the same treatment that Bridgestone and Michelin had, when they could test their tyres at length,” read the El Mundo report.

Correspondent Raymond Blancafort said that if the teams or the FIA refuse, Pirelli president “Marco Tronchetti Provera could leave Formula 1 without tyres” for 2014.

Italiaracing’s Massimo Costa added: “Pirelli is tired of tainting its name because of a Formula 1 in which it is forbidden to test in a proper way”. (GMM) <<source>> 



  • Side of the tire with HD quality
  • 2 types of tires (dark and Stained)
  • 1 tire wear different for each tire
  • Warning Light (Light Glow) improved
  • Colors in Hard Tire more Stronger

  • New brake marks on tire wear
  • Various improvements in wear
  • Hard tire color improved
  • Added Clear Version
  • Added version without brake marks on tire wear
  • New version of Marble Textures
  • Side Tire lighter in versions Stained and Clear

  • Only fix in RMM Installer

  • Added versions Dark and Stained variation in type Without Brake Marks
  • Exchange of wear (medium tires), who had wear on the outside, now wear on the inside
  • Fix in hard Tires Colours
1.4 - Final Update

  • Improvements in the blur of all versions
  • Version without R markings
  • Added Holes

Pirelli Tires 2013 Happy New Year


  • Side of the tire with HD quality
  • Pirelli Stripes with dirt
  • 1 tire wear different for each tire
  • Warning Light (Light Glow) improved


The XML file of this mod only works with the mod F1 2013 Classic Tires mod made by Vlasovas.


Version 1.0

Version 1.1 ...

v1.4 - Final Update

Pirelli Tires 2013 Happy New Year v1.0


*F1 2013 Pirelli 2013 Tires Mod Made ​​By Vlasovas, Kadosh54 ( La Plata )*

Thanks to:

Kadosh54 ( La Plata ), Kenken, Roberto Costa, Ryder25, ML2166, Warok, Tommi-TAG, Rini Braat, T46D, Carl Hughes, camopi, Nicolas Vial, Strahil Kotlarov, kimi81, karbinder, chargingcar, mungopark, REGiSTERED, funrace, ratedxr, vitor batista, jason1968, WarDog88, kelaroost, The entire Community!


Install with the Ryder Mod Manager 

How to install with Ryder Mod Manager

Have fun with it and here are the download links for you!

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