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The safety car is on the track whenever and as often as you like - this modification makes this and so many other options in Codemasters F1 2013 now possible.
The ease of activation of an originally intended for the developers of F1 2013 options menus in the game, makes it now possible the safety car as often as you want and send him at any time on the racetrack.

That is not enough, it is also possible to interrupt a race at any time by red flag. It is also possible to change the weather conditions on the track. You run out of flashbacks? don't worry here's a new option named »infinite flashback«. When you have less than 4 flashbacks or run out of flashback, just press the »Enable infinite flashbacks« option in the Debugging options menu and you will get back 4 flashbacks. No limit on the number of times you use this option.  and much more, and all this in real time. This mod also auto skips intro to " press start " screen after the legal notice.


  • Adds 2 New Debugging Options to the game
  • One is in the main menu, next to MY F1 (you need to access it from the left (i.e. go left from F1 Classics)
  • The Second is during a race, in the pause menu
  • Adds heavy rain to weather option for time trial
  • Skips all Videos after the Legal Screen
  • Disabled animation during flashback. (Note that you will not be able to turn it on).
  • Enabled ABS option when brake assist is off when the game mode allows it.
The following options may have no effect: Demo weather, Reduced Mechanics.

Use of Toggle flashback anim option is not recommended as you will lose your sound.

F1 2013 Fast Load And Debug Options + Top Teams

Top 7 teams included are: rb, fe, me, lr, mc, sa and wi, where top 5 teams are in current teams standing. Excluded fc and included wi.
You can choose to use flashback anim off (in "Top Teams Anim Off" folder) or flashback anim on ((in "Top Teams Anim On" folder).
After replacement of the respective files, you need to take young drivers test (no need to pass) before the mod takes effect. Don't use Skip YDT.

You may continue with your current career session unless you want to change team and restart your career.

Check the latest update notes



*This mod is inspired by Ryder25's mod for F1 2012 and was modified for F1 2013 By Winner*


Update your game to latest - patch 1. Make backup of »states.bin« and »flow.bin«, in system folder.. and »settings.xml« file in youngdriverstest folder before replacing with this files. Also create a backup of your savegame files, just in case something goes wrong. May not work online.

After you have downloaded a file. Unzip the rar file and extract&replace the folder »system«, »youngdriverstest« in your main directory of F1 2013 under;  »Drive:\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2013».

And here are is the download link for you… Enjoy

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  1. thanks for saying that your save game is corrupt after installing this mod!!

  2. Is there any option to get my savegame back? It said's that it was corrupt and will be deleted. Now it is gone....

    1. Sorry mate i don't have a solution to fix your savegame. U can try to put your original "states.bin" file in system folder ( if u created a backup before). This is why u always have to backup your files, folders savegames... before u start putting and replacing with the new ones - modified.

    2. i created a backup but the save game is gone. Anyway, is there a mod where i can choose all teams when beginning a new career?

    3. U can download this Top Teams Available after Young Driver Test
      U must finish young drivers test first and then u have option to choose top teams for your fresh start of career mode.
      Create a backup of your original "database.bin" file first...under;»Drive:\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2013\database»

  3. Hey, how what camera did you use?
    Its angle looks very good.
    i've been searching for something like that but never find it anywhere.

    could you explain for me?
    i mean what's your aspect ratio; resolution settings or if there any pack i should download to make my camera looking like \yours?

    thank you in advance! :D

    1. This cams are from Ultimate RealiZm Mod U can download them from there. Copy each "cameras.xml" file into the corresponding folders which is located within the "cars" folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\f12013\cars

  4. Ah i get it.. thank you so much.
    This blog has helped me into this game..
    Can't get enough to say thank you!
    Keep up he good work and salam dari Indonesia!

  5. Hey guys, sorry I have to ask this here, but does anyone has a problem with F1 2013?

    Game works fine for 5 to 7 laps and then starts lagging for a lap or two, and then back to normal! Really anoying!

    Had the same problem with 2012!

    Please help?

    1. specs are:

      i5 2430M
      4GB DDR3
      Radeon 6650m 2GB

    2. Game works fine on my pc. No problem with lagging or any other problem.
      Try to lower your game graphic settings to high - medium...
      You can also try some programs like msi afterburner - which will improve the overall performance for your computer.

  6. where the save game files are
    please someone

    1. They are in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\"user number"\...

  7. pressisa fazer o backup do mod no ps3 porque eu tenho do f1 2013 de ps3?

  8. hoje eu tentei fazer o download do mod no ps3 sem fazer backup e a opição suspender sessão ficou bloqueada

  9. como fazer o download do debugging options no f1 2013 de ps3
    algum de voces podem me enssinar a baixar esse mod ?

  10. mas tem para xbox 360 porque não tem para ps3 ?

  11. Como voce sabe se esse mod e só para pc voce ja tentou baixar esse mod no ps3 ?

    1. First of all, write in english here. All mods here on F1 Fast Lap are made for PC and they are not for PS3 or xbox 360.PC games have file´s,folder,where you can change things,like car liveries, helmet skins, database...

  12. Replies
    1. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\"user number"\223670\ or C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\"user number"\223670\