CrossfadeKill's Ultimate Cam Pack 1.1

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Here's a new cam mod for you to download - CrossfadeKill's Ultimate Cam Pack 1.1. This cam mod contains new T-cams, new »body« cams, new cockpit cams incl. head movement and optional new/old replay cams.


  • New T-Cams
  • New »Body« Cams
  • New Cockpit Cams incl. Head Movement
  • *optional - New/Old Replay Cams

  • Little changes on some Camsbut not much
  • Added a second T-Cam with standard Originall Settings (driving forces) but with the same POV like the second
  • Deleted the last 2 or 3 Cockpit Cams from v1.0 and added 1 C.Cam with more realistic View (now 3 C.Cams without moving and 3 with Headmoving)
  • Added the Cams for the 5 Classic Cars from standard Edition
  • Fixed by some Cars the "Grey bar Bug" but not all - its hard to find out where the issue comes from
Ps. Author of this mod doesn't  have the full Classic Edition so he can´t add the Cams to the 90´s Cars.

Known »Bugs«:

Gray bar while sitting in the box // No solution yet but it does not always occur and depends on the used standard camera.

Freezed Picture on starting Grid // solution: try to restart Race in Singleplayer or restore the Original »Track Replay Camera-Files« If you have used the modified » eplay cameras« (Pack contains backups).


*CrossfadeKill's Ultimate Cam Pack 1.1 Made By Ryan McKane aka CrossfadeKill*

Thanks to Jason1968 Main Mod Idea


How it looks and feel with Cockpit-Headmotion


Make sure, when extracting the files, that you backup your original game files first.

Copy the »cars« and »tracks« folder into your main F1 2013 folder;

»C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\f12013«

If something goes wrong or u dont like the cams?! So use the cars_Backup and restore the Original Cam files.

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