Mclaren - Monza 2013 Livery Update

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Here's a livery update for Mclaren - 2013 Monza.

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-28

A Formula 1 car is a high-speed prototype. It is constantly evolving, developing, losing weight, gaining speed. At Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, they’ll never race the same-spec car twice – in fact, the rate of development is so intense that they introduce a new part to the F1 car on average every 17 minutes.

Design is an iterative process: the grand prix car introduced at the start of a new Formula 1 season benefits from the collective experience of the previous season’s successes and failures. It is developed on the computer screen, in the windtunnel and, finally, on the racetrack – the truest test of performance and potential. Built from carbon-fibre, the best Formula 1 cars will harness every available surface of the car to create downwards lift (‘downforce’), maximising the grip of the tyres through corners while simultaneously minimising drag. The MP4-28, the result of thousands of man- and computer-hours of diligent hard work, would look no less out of place on the couture runway than on the racetrack: it is a thing of complete, functional, raw beauty. <<source>>


*Mclaren Monza 2013 Update Made by ML2166*


Logos which were added are:

  • Clarovideo (rear wing)
  • Eataly (driver cockpit sides)
  • Uno TV (Front radiator entry)
  • Vodafone 4G (sidepods)
  • 50 years McLaren (nose sides)
  • Carries car numbers 3 & 4 aswell as car numbers 5 & 6
Done in HD & DHD - Both sizes clearly marked in the download folder.



Make sure, when extracting the files, that you backup your original game files. After you have downloaded a file. Unzip the rar file and copy/replace the whole folder »cars« in your main directory of F1 2012 under »Drive:\Steam\SteamApps\common\ F1 2012\ ».

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