F1 2012 - Mercedes AMG F1 W04 Car Skin Update

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With the new Mercedes AMG F1 W04 here is another hot f1 car update of  2013 season for you to test in Codemasters F1 2012 ™.  Thanks to Gerald Chinoy and ML2166 for this awesome skin update.

Mercedes AMG have launched their 2013 contender, named the F1 W04. The car is set to wash away the disappointing seasons that Mercedes has endured so far in Formula One, hence the new car is a fairly simple car, but one that the team aims to get really working on every track.

Mercedes W04 livery Made By Gerald Chinoy

The new skin of Mercedes AMG F1 W04 is  updated for  you in the ultra-resolution version of 8192x8192 pixels and also in high-resolution 4096x4096 version.



*Skin Made By Gerald Chinoy*


Mercedes W04 livery Made By ML2166

Update on the Mercedes W04

Done in HD & DHD. Contains cars with numbers 9 & 10 and 7 & 8. 7 & 8 done for those who do not play around with the database too much. On cars 9 & 10 the numbers have been switched on the template so Hamilton will be in fact in Schueys spot, but with the correct number on the car. All files clearly marked in the download folder.



*Skin Made By ML2166*


Please ensure you back up any files due to be changed first. Copy and replace the files.

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