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Here's a new fantasy replacement for Marussia F1 team. Thanks to ML2166 for this awesome team replacement - Team Superdry Toyota.

History of Toyota Racing Team in world of Formula 1

Panasonic Toyota Racing was a Formula One team owned by Japanese car manufacturer Toyota and based in Cologne, Germany. Toyota announced their plans to participate in F1 in 1999, and after extensive testing with their initial car, dubbed the TF101, the team made their debut in 2002.The new team grew from Toyota's long-standing Toyota Motorsport GmbH organisation, which had previously competed in the World Rally Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Despite a point in their first-ever race, Panasonic Toyota Racing never won a Grand Prix, their best finish being 2nd place, which they achieved five times – in 2005, 2008 and 2009.

Toyota drew criticism for their lack of success, especially after the 2006 Formula One season, in which the team's best result was 3rd place in the Australian Grand Prix. Toyota was a well-funded team, but despite this, strong results had never been consistent.

On November 4, 2009, Toyota announced its immediate withdrawal from Formula One, ending the team's involvement in the sport after eight seasons.


Fantasy replacement for Marussia. Team Superdry Toyota.
Done in HD and DHD. ( Sizes are clearly marked in download folder ). Will replace Marussia in game. Consists of Car skins, Helmet Skins, Racecrew Uniforms, Pitcrew Uniforms, Cutscene Driver Suit, Garages, Brakeboard, Driver Glove Logos (Team Only).

The in car driver suit is not redone , as a modder had to keep the file size done for upload.


*Fantasy Team Superdry Toyota Made By ML2166*



Please ensure you back up any files due to be changed first. Copy and replace the files.

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  1. can i use with 2013 mod???

    1. Yes u can use this mod with season 2013 mod. Before replacement create a backup of your files. Regards