2013 Hungarian Grand Prix

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A new track update of the Hungaroring Circuit.

The Hungaroring is a motor-racing circuit in Mogyoród, Hungary where the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix is held. In 1986, it became the location of the first Formula One Grand Prix behind the Iron Curtain. Bernie Ecclestone wanted a race in the USSR, but a Hungarian friend of his recommended Budapest. They wanted a street circuit similar to the Circuit de Monaco to be built in the Népliget - Budapest's largest park - but the government decided to build a new circuit just outside the city near a major highway. Construction works started on October 1, 1985. It was built in eight months, less time than any other Formula One circuit. The first race was held on March 24, 1986 in memory of János Drapál, the first Hungarian who won motorcycle Grand Prix races. According to a survey put together by the national tourism office of Hungary, Mogyoród ranks third among Hungarian destinations visited by tourists, behind the Danube Bend area and Lake Balaton, but ahead of Budapest.


*2013 Hungaroring Track Update Made by Barnes*



  • Added Fly Emirates boards+terrains, Rolex boards+terrains
  • The Rolex clock extracted from previous track updates

  • Added Rolex Podium
Note: The Rolex podium is subject to change following Sunday's race, in case it will be made with another sponsor's logo, which is unknown by now).


Final version. Pirelli boards kept in Sector 3, so there's no UBS ones.

  • Replaces Rolex podium with final LG podium
  • Replaces ENI terrain with UBS terrain
  • Replaces ENI brake with UBS


Make sure, when extracting the files, that you backup the original game files. Unzip and copy the tracks folder to your installation's F1 2012 folder.

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