2013 German Grand Prix

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Many of you would like to have a Nürburgring circuit inside F1 2012 game. Unfortunately this is not possible due to technical specifications in the game. As a small compensation here is a 2013 fictional sponsor update for Hockenheim.

  • Added Rolex and Fly Emirates ads
  • Changed the Hublot clock to Rolex
  • Added a 2013 Santander podium

Lewis Hamilton beat Sebastian Vettel to pole position for the German Grand Prix in a surprise result after the Mercedes driver had struggled in practice. Hamilton was grappling with oversteer in the final hour of practice. But as temperatures rose during qualifying Hamilton came into contention for pole position. The result was a relief for Mercedes after Nico Rosberg was knocked out during Q2 and will start eleventh.


*2013 fictional sponsor update for Hockenheim Made By Barnes*



Make sure, when extracting the files, that you backup the original game files. Just extract to your main F1 2012 folder and replace. Enjoy!

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  1. Yes, it´s possible to have Nurburgring, I have it ;)

    1. Yes its possible now. Look at the date when this post was posted (July 06, 2013)...