F1 2012 – Lotus E21 HD Car Skin Update

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The new Lotus F1 E21 2013 season, has been just presented to the public and is already implemented for Codemasters F1 2012 ™ for you. A big thanks goes to Warok for this incredible skins.


*Lotus E21 HD Made By Warok*


Version 1.1

  • Adding a partner forget
  • Lotus E21 double name (kimi and Roman), less ridiculous
Version 1.2

Modification completes of the side ( GENII).
  • Size, position and typography(typeface) of the logo
  • Modification of the paint(painting) (more realistic)
  • Change of 2 burn logo
  • Abolition(deletion) of the message *( ImSexyAndIKnowIt ),
  • Addition of some modification

Version 1.3

Much changes made in this version.

Modification completes of the side ( GENII)
  • Modification of the paint(painting) (more realistic)
  • Addition of some modification
  • Modification logo Renault (position)
  • Modification logo CLEAR (position and size)
  • Adding new sponsor "Columbia Records"
  • Reduction in the red zone (level name)
  • By changing the number microsoft logo

  • Adding a strip of clear paint

  • Modification logo "Neutral"
  • Reduction of star
  • Adding logo lotus
  • Color change of the camera

Completely new version of Lotus E21

  • Added logo "E"
  • Added Richard Mille logo
  • Added logo burn side pod
  • Changed the rear spoiler (red and total) replaced with carbon black, inside the rear spoiler.

Monaco Edition (daft punk edition)


Unzip the rar file and copy the whole folder "cars" in your Steam games list, which is usually on

"DRIVE: \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ f1 2012 \" or
"DRIVE: \ F1 2012\"

If you want to play it safe, create a backup before replacing  original folder »lr2« in cars folder. 

Have fun with it and here are the download links for you

8 komentarji:

  1. Help, the car skins are the wrong way round! kimis car says romain, and romain says kimi?????

    1. Nope is not wrong. On the left side it shows Romain and on the right side Kimis name. On the car nose there is number 7(Kimis number for 2013 season). And on the car nose from Romains car there is number 8. Sorry but its like this way for now. U can also see at the last picture down from camera pod there is a Finnish flag and Raikkonen.

  2. Can you make a update ver. that both side are showing Kimi???????

    1. Not possible to have a car with Kimi and the other car with Romain right now with this version of livery update.

  3. Hi. I already copy the lr2 folder, and also delete the livery_main folder in lr2. But the car goes black/no texture. What should i do? I download the Daft Punk Edition.. thx :)

    1. Try to download Lotus E21 Daft Punk edition again... First create a backup of your files. Second, read the installation instructions inside zipped file.


    2. I have the same problem. I read the instructions, how do I install the .jpk file?

    3. Just extract file »raceload.jpk« in to your main F1 2012 folder and replace.