Zelimper's Helmet Pack

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Here are the helmets  made by Zelimper. Thanks to Zelimper for this incredible Helmets.


*Helmets Pack Made By Zelimper*

Zelimper's Helmet Pack contains next helmets:

  • Gen_01   Vodafone Rising Sun Helmet
  • Gen_03   Confederate Texas Motor Oil RED Helmet
  • Gen_04   Confederate Texas Motor Oil Grey Helmet
  • Gen_12   Vodafone Coke Helmet
  • Gen_17   Blue REDBULL Helmet
  • Gen 18   Red REDBULL Helmet
  • Gen_19   Facom Ferrari Helmet



Find more mods for F1 2012 on the official Website of Zelimper


Extract Contents of Archive to
Steam\steamapps/common/ f1 2012  folder, or extract folder characters in your main F1 2012 folder and let it overwwrite.
Dont forget to back up your original folders first.

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  1. excuse here oide not be the right place for it, the more u have a link to dowload the original cameras? because I installed one and did not like it, I forgot to do beckup! thank

    1. here is the link for original cameras:


  2. thank you! I do not know how to thank

  3. is to change the way carrera helmet? I am already in gp catalunya, wanted to put one of these, thanks

    1. Yes u can change helmet for carrer mode in (MY F1\PROFILE\HELMET SELECT) and then choose:
      example for helmet 1 is this one( Gen_01 Vodafone Rising Sun Helmet), for helmet number 3 is (Gen_03 Confederate Texas Motor Oil RED Helmet). There are no previews of these helmets in helmet select menu so u must choose like this.

  4. did you like putting cameras in the f1 2010 f1 2012?? I think they're pretty cool

  5. if anyone has the original cameras f1 2010 postem aki please, thank you