Braveheart Discovery Team

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A complete Team Braveheart-Discovery-Cadillac in both HD&2xHD quality.Thanks to The-Sheriff for this great team. Colours: Black matte and brushed aluminium. This mod replaces the Mclaren car and the entire team if you copy all the files.


*Team Braveheart Discovery Cadillac Made By The-Sheriff*

  • Car, suits, helmets, steeringwheel, pitcrew, racecrew, brakeboard, garage and logos.
  • Every single logo used, has been re-done and re-painted.
  • Some logos has partly been made from scratch.
  • Speccoc file also changed - all logos are also present there.
  • HD files were made in PSP9, converted via "The Compressonator", and Ryders tool for import.
  • The helmets are included in a seperate folder.


For more screenshots visit:


Make sure to backup your original files first. Copy and replace files.

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