Toro Rosso 2013 Helmets

Posted By F1 Fast Lap

Here are the new, fresh helmets for Toro Rosso F1 Team. Thanks to Gerald Chinoy.

  • Vergne 2013 Helmet - replaces Gen 19 and AI driver as well.
  • Ricciardo 2013 Helmet - replaces Gen 18 and AI driver as well.


*Vergne&Ricciardo 2013 Helmets Made By Gerald Chinoy*


Unzip the rar file and copy folders »characters«, »cars« in your Steam games list, which is usually on

»DRIVE: \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ f1 2012 \« or
»DRIVE: \ F1 2012 \«

If you want to play it safe, create a backup before replacing  original folders. Just in case backup is always a good choice.

Have fun with it and here is the download link for you

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