Mercedes Quadruple Team HD&DHD Pack

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Here is a new amazing Mercedes Quadruple Team HD&DHD Pack for F1 2012 game. Thanks to all  ML2166 , Pebz and Supla007, for the fantastic job they  have done. 
  • All files are clearly listed within the download packages.
  • The cars have all been totaly reworked from the base up.
  • This includes all new bits, carbon, bolts, logos, shadow maps etc etc.
  • New high quality helmets for the drivers. These are included within each individual download package for ease of use.
  • The in car driver suits have not been done, as they are rarely seen. Also in cutscenes and in car Lewis Hamilton will not be displaying a rear fin on the helmet as he has replaced Schuey in the team.
  • Cutscene suits, racecrew and Pitcrew uniforms redone to a high quality, with those little touches on the smaller details such as new radios, shoes etc.
  • New HD garages and brakeboard for the team also done.
*Remember to back up all files and folders first*

The darker helmet versions of the models will be in the packs for cars 2 and 3 above. The normal helmets will be cars 1 and 4 above.

The Grey shirts are available on a seperate download link below should you wish to use the for either of the team packs.


*Mercedes Quadruple Team HD&DHD Pack Made By ML2166 , Pebz and Supla007*

5 komentarji:

  1. hello,
    super job but where is the download link for the Grey shirts ?

    1. The grey shirts are in "Dark Mercedes Racecrew Shirts". Only for Racecrew...


  2. (for the image 5)

    1. For the image 5, shirts are in Mercedes W04 Silver Version 4096 or 8192.

  3. it's ok, thank you and great job that's beautiful, just the name of shumacher at top left ^^