Lotus E21 HD&2HD Team Pack

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Just in time for the 2013 season start.Here is a Lotus E21 HD&2xHD Team Pack. Many thanks to ML2166 and Supla007 for this stunning pack.

*Lotus E21 HD&2HD Team Pack Made By ML2166&Supla007*

This pack (split into several parts with their links below) contains the standard E21 livery, a golden-chrome version and a matte Lotus with golden stripes.

Included the usual HD suits for drivers, pit crew and race engineer. The standard livery pack and the matte pack contain the black suits and clothes, while you'll find golden/yellow suits in the E21 gold pack.

Brakeboard and garage are included as well and done in HD.

In the helmet pack, you'll have 7 helmets, including Kimi's and Romain's 2013 helmets, alongside 5 generic helmets. Menu helmet are also included.

As for the cars and driver suits, there 2xHD and standard HD versions.

Make sure, when extracting the files, that you backup the original game files.

Have fun with the pack and enjoy the details


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  1. I got a little problem. I did everything, and it works well. Except the helmets. The garage is OK, the cars are OK, the pit crew is OK. What can I do with the helmets?

    1. Try to download this helmet pack:

    2. It's same:/ But thank you!

  2. can you download this mod for mac

    1. I'm not sure if it will work on mac OS. I think it wont work on mac because of different file structure... U can try out.