Jules Bianchi 2013 Helmet

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Here is the new helmet of Jules Bianchi 2013 for the F1 2012. Thanks to Magicaltrevor for this nice looking helmet and also special thanks goes to Supla007 for allowing Magicaltrevor to use his helmet parts. 

Works with fin. It's impossible to do a chrome effect on helmets so sadly this isn't chromed.

Jules Bianchi 2013 Helmet - Replaces Helmet 13. The helmet will also be used for the 2nd AI driver (Charles Pic) for Marussia.


*Jules Bianchi 2013 Helmet Made By Magicaltrevor*


Unzip the rar file. Copy and paste the contents of the F1 2012 folder into your F1 2012 install location.

You can select this helmet as the 12th helmet from the helmet choice menu. (This will not change the picture in the menu but it will change when racing).

Alternatively, you can rename the files inside the characters/bespokehelmets folder with another number to replace any of the other helmets.

If you want to play it safe, create a backup before replacing  original folders. Just in case backup is always a good choice.

Have fun with it and here is the download link for you

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