F1 2012 - Red Bull RB9 Car Skin Update

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Here is the new skin update of the new Red Bull RB9 - "Purple Lady" for Codemasters F1 2012 ™. The new Red Bull RB9 team with its extravagant painted in blue and violet. Many thanks to Pebz for this awesome skin .


There is a bug with the Red Bull LowLOD.pssg... The side plate numbers are not showing on the your team mate's car...or when the game uses the low texture for replays & when your driving with another team ect".

The only other thing you can do is copy & rename the highLOD.pssg to low which will force the game to use the high texture...The side numbers will now show correctly... at the expense of performance i.e FPS...

U can choose between 4 versions of Red Bull RB9 a.k.a Purple Lady in download link. The folders are clearly marked... With resolution size & type - normal or metallic effect.

  • Metallic 4096x4096 HD
  • Metallic 8192x8192 DHD
  • RB9 Normal HD 4096x4096
  • RB9 Normal 8192x8192 DHD
Here are some screenshots of »Purple Lady«



*Skin Made By Pebz*


Please ensure you back up any files due to be changed first. Copy and replace the files.

Have fun with it and here is the download link for you!

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  1. the link not go !!! please Mediafire is possible?

    1. Here u go another link http://rapidshare.com/files/4268063243/F1%202012%20-%20Red%20Bull%20RB9%20Car%20Skin%20Update.7z

  2. Thanks for new link Red Bull is fantastic car !!!!

  3. Both links don't work..

  4. Thats a texture mod? Not good.

    1. If you like the texture download it, if u dont it will be ok too.