Saturday, February 2, 2013

F1 2012 - Pirelli Dual Boot Seasons

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New tire line, this time with the installer to choose the colors of two seasons, 2012 and the new 2013 season, where the hard tires gained a new color!


Pirelli Dual Boot Seasons Update 1.0

  • New wear for slick tires , simulating brake Marks, and this time with sharper wear, but less pronounced
  • New side, with three types, unmarked, R marking for some tires, and R marking on all tires
  • Two types of tires, CLEAR, and STAINED
  • Choice of Seasons (2012, 2013)
  • Fix blur

Pirelli Dual Boot Seasons Update 1.1

  • 3 new versions with the model DARK, serving requests
  • 3 new Bonus versions with different Marble textures

Pirelli Dual Boot Seasons Update 1.2

  • Fixed Orange Stripe of Hard Tires


Mod made ​​by Vlasovas


Install with the Ryder Mod Manager

How to install with Ryder Mod Manager

Please ensure you backup your files before replace. Just in case backup is always a good choice.

Have fun with it and here is the download link for you

Download - Ryder Mod Manager

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  1. The tire mod links are broken and no longer available for download. please update links thanks.

    1. ya right pleaase update links i like this

    2. And then try this link -!605

    3. what about main dual boot season please give link for main mod also

  2. i guess 1.1 update works standalone sorry for bothering you Perice

  3. Yes 1.1 update works stand-alone. No problem parag shinde. Regards

  4. for the 2013 mod,it's the graphisme of the tize 2013 but it's the perfomance 2012 ?

    1. Performance is the same as 2012. Its only visual for the new season 2013.

  5. cool thx great job :)