F1 2012 - Fom Cockpit Mod Cam By Vlasovas

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Here is a new fantastic Fom Cockpit Mod Cam Made By Vlasovas. Many thanks to Vlasovas for this fantastic mod.

Modification of cameras compatible with mod "Visor View Mod" of Kenken, and the Mod "RDDev Simple OSD" of Ryder25 (The display is shown without the mod).
The cockpit was edited starting some tweaking of the mod "Driver View Mod" by Roberto Costa ( Credits to Him ) that are closer to real life. With changes to a better adjustment between the required fields that all seek: see tires (not all cars is possible) and have good visibility, added options like HUD, and cameras of movement. Maintained the cycle of 6 cameras, but with the removal of the chase far, and adding a second cockpit with all options enabled, mod designed to be as simple as possible, without many cameras.

Here are some screenshots of this mod

Rear View Tires and Body Work

Rear View Mirror 1

Rear View Mirror 2

Rear View Of Tires


Version 1.0

  • Cycle cameras kept, with only 6 exchanges of cameras
  • removal of Chase_Far camera (the camera was hidden in order to keep the 6 cycles of camera)
  • 2 cockpit cameras perfect for use with the "Visor view mod", a no movement (conventional), the other with movement and hud
  • New rear views, simulating rearview mirror, one showing the tires and their wear, and the water spray in the rain (the intention was to see better, my pirelli's mod, and also my mod Storm)
  • Cockpit well adjusted and aligned, seeking greater reality to drive
Version 1.1

  • Added Simple package, with only the onboard cameras, and 3 cockpit cycles
  • Added package Extra Simple, with only 2 cycles of cockpit (no other camera), to better simulate the rearview mirror (left, right), for online users !!!
Version 1.2

  • Fixed and improved the cockpit of lotus
  • Modification in Simple package with removing the camera from the cockpit without movement, now found only in the base package mod
Version 2.0
  • Three more options with movements more pronounced of the effect G-Force, and with new T-Cams center (choose options V2)
New Update

Version 2.1
  • 3 New versions added, Medium, Extreme, insane, to a larger public target and reaching practically every taste, maintained Simple versions (less cameras) and Multiplayer versions (for those who want to have one just match between the participants)
Mod done with priority in the cockpit camera, for use with the Visor view Mod and RDDev Simple OSD, if you want a mod with more realistic positions, in the onboard cameras, find another mod because they were kept


*FOM Cockpit Mod Cam 2.1 Final Made ​​By Vlasovas*

 And also thanks to: Kadosh54 (La Plata), Kenken, Roberto Costa, Ryder25, ML2166, Warok, Tommi-TAG, Rini Braat, T46D, Carl Hughes, camopi, Nicolas Vial, The entire Community!


Install with the Ryder Mod Manager

Have fun with it and here is the download link for you

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  1. thanks for the credits!
    if everyone was like you, would be all good!!
    Always keep so !!

    1. No problem!I respect your hard work to produce a mod. Thanks again for your awesome mods which u have created ;)

    2. hi Vlasovas, please reupload the files.
      I need the visor camera mod, look's like shift 2 unleashed, wright??

    3. Wrong website... Check Vlasovas Website and ask him.