Supla's helmet pack 5

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Here's another great helmet pack made by Supla007. Custom helmet pack, replacing helmets from Gen 14 to Gen28. Thanks to Supla007 for this nice helmet pack.



Helmet Pack 5 Made By Supla007


To install unzip rar file after you have successfully downloaded file and then copy the whole folder «characters« and also copy a folder «frontend«  in your Steam games list, which is usually on

«DRIVE: \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ F1 2012 \« or in the folder where u have installed game « DRIVE: \ F1 2012 \«

If you want to play it safe, create a backup of the original folder »bespokehelmets« under »characters«. And also backup a file »b_nonpersistent.pssg« under »frontend« folder.

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  1. Was really looking forward to this helmet set, but having the game crash everytime I tried using this mod

  2. I got the problem with this mod...I follow the whole process of this installation,but when I activate the game and want to take same of that helmets,they are wasn`t there...Can anyone help me??? Thank you...

    1. Before replacing with this files, create a backup of "b_nonpersistent.pssg" file in frontend folder and also create a backup of "bespokehelmets" folder in characters folder.Just extract and replace folders frontend and characters in your main f1 2012 folder. Then select the desired helmet in MY F1 -> PROFILE->HELMET SELECT. This helmets are only for career mode.

  3. Hi! Great work.
    Does this works with F1 2013?

    1. It does work with F1 2013 but doesnt look that nice like in F1 2012. If you want to use this helmet pack create a backup of "bespokehelmets" from characters folder. Copy and replace just characters folder from this mod, don't copy frontend folder because it will mess up some pictures in F1 2013 menu.
      U can also download Supla's Helmet Pack for F1 2013.

    2. Thank you. Very good blog. Keep it up.