F1 2012 - Driving physics fixes

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This latest mod for F1 2012 ™ brings fixes of the damage model, the physics and the safety car in the game, for you.



For increased difficulty now contributes the revised damage model. This now reacts far more sensitive than the original. Even minor bump is almost always accompanied by the loss of parts of the wing work to the cars.
Cruder collisions can also be acknowledged with a flat tire and in the worst case by the fraction of the suspension. Here, the damage model does not distinguish between AI pilots and players so prevalent that for all are the same conditions.
Even hitherto harmless trackside markers such as bollards and advertising boards can sometimes cause serious damage to the vehicles. To compensate us the "readiness" of the AI ​​pilots was increased significantly to unscheduled pit stops for damage to their cars.


For the safety car here are a number of other changes as to the safety car periods. Increased speed of the safety car to clear the track. Which in reality must Bernd Mayländer drive after all the Mercedes SLS AMG during caution periods to fairly to its limit, so that the tires of F1 cars do not cool down too much. Also increased slightly, the speed of the leader at the restart. In addition, it is now possible to get closer to the vehicle in car excavate - who has the restart time converts to a rich mixture and saved up his KERS, now has a real chance to go on may one position.


Also in terms of driving physics of the cars there are a few changes. The failure rate of the AI has been increased because of technical problems, or due to accidents. In addition, the AI drivers are now more common than previously ect the box in events like minor accidents. to control unscheduled stops. This fix is normal "aggressiveness" of the AI now also on these racetracks recover.


This modification doesn't  work with multiplayer! It is highly recommended to create a backup of the complete folder "ai", "cars", "tracks"  and the file "loose_parts_settings.xml",  to secure the main directory of F1 2012 ™ before installing. Just in case backup is always a good choice.

After downloading, unzip the rar file and copy the folder "ai", "cars", "tracks" and the file "loose_parts_settings.xml" in your Steam games list of F1 2012 ™, which is usually under
"Drive: \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ f1 2012 \" or in the folder where u have installed game "DRIVE: \  f1 2012 \"

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  1. Hi!
    First of all I would like to thank you a lot for the work you do here, providing us with all those wonderful mods!

    I would like to ask something: This mod has a file in common with the "Realism v3.1" mod. It is the loose_part_settings.xml file.

    The question is: How can I use both mods at the same time? Is this possible or I must choose one of them?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I don't think it's possible, but u can try combining both mods and see if it will work. Just make a backup before.