F1 2012 Fast Load and Debug Options

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The safety car is on the track whenever and as often as you like - this modification makes this and so many other options in Codemasters F1 2012  possible.
The ease of activation of an originally intended for the developers of F1 2012 options menus in the game, makes it now possible the safety car as often as you want and send him at any time on the racetrack.
That is not enough, it is also possible to interrupt a race at any time by red flag. It is also possible to change the weather conditions on the track, and much more, and all this in real time.

=== CREDITS ===

F1 2012 CM Debugging Options Enabled
version 1.0.2012.1221 (1.0) by Ryder25

=== INFO ===
  • Skips all Videos after the Legal Screen
  • Adds 3 New Debugging Options to the game
  • One is in the main menu, next to Quit Game
  • The other is in the My F1 menu, next to Credits
  • The Third is during a race, in the pause menu
  • NOTE: The first two are invisible in the menus!

Use Ryder Mod Manager or Backup your 2 files from the system folder "flow.bin", "states.bin" , and copy over these. If u have trouble with starting the race just put one file "states.bin" from system folder and replace with your original file. And also backup your saves just in case.

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    1. Try to download again.i've replaced the link.


  2. i have a prob. when i click on go to track while in garage,menu being stuck. nothing other

    1. Did u install this mod with Ryder Mod Manager? If not try to install with Ryder Mod Manager. If the problem will still persist, try to put in system folder only file "flow.bin" or "states.bin".

  3. so that for now?,play game to move restart ?get nothing?? have any prob....