F1 2012 – USA GP – Austin Track Update

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Here is a  a small part of the modifications. The following list contains the most significant changes for you:

  • Redesigned curbs and run-off areas, according to the latest
  • Newly "planted" vegetation (grass, trees, ect.) along the track
  • Brightness of the curbs and all white textures along the track slightly reduced
  • Sponsors along the race revised
  • All the main building of the GP course revised
  • Podium equipped with new textures
  • F1 2012 replaces self-promotion at the racetrack
  • Flags changed on the bleachers
  • Innumerable smaller Texture updates around the circuit

But since pictures say more than a thousand words, here is  of course also a video for you. In the trailer there are two laps of the race track to see revised with Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso.


To install unzip rar file after you have successfully downloaded file and copy the whole folder "tracks" in your Steam games list, which is usually on

"DRIVE: \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ f1 2012 \" or in the folder where u have installed game "DRIVE: \ f1 2012 \"

If you want to play it safe, create a backup of the original folder "texas" under "tracks \ circuits".

Download - F1 2012 USA GP Austin Track Update

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