F1 2012 - STORM UPDATE 1.1

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Here is an update of a STORM Real Weather 4 mod


Version 1.0
  • 2 packages of textures spray of water, with an original marked effects, and another with new textures used in F1 2011, the previous mod, real weather 3
  • 28 variations of water spray per package, among various purposes by spray wheels, ground and air
  • 14 variations, with water spray shorter
  • 14 variations with water spray longer
  • 10 variations of drops, with the work of Zeno, and Vlasovas
Version 1.1
  • Improvements in the fall of rain water, simulating wind, so that each curve, the rain comes in another direction and no longer the same as the original
  • Improvements in drops of wet objects as, gutters, walkways, traffic lights, etc.
  • Corrections in texts PT BR
  • Replacement of an option bonus to the new vortex 65 short
  • Rename the files to the correct version for those who prefer to extract without using RMM

F1 2012 - Storm Update 1.1 Made By Vlasovas, Zeno Dyk, La Plata

Testers: La Plata, Daniel Alexandru, Cr3ativ3, Neuer31, ML2166



Unzip the rar file, choose one version »01 New textures pack« or »02 Default texture pack« then open another folder named »zMISC » and then again choose one of  versions. 
After u have choosen one of the version copy the entire folder "effects" in your game folder, which is usually on
"C:\Program Files \ F1 2012 \"

If you want to play it safe, create a backup of the original files and folders.

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