F1 2012 – OSD-Display Update

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Many of you want the original TV overlay of Formula 1 in the game - unfortunately it wont happen, because of the internal file structure of F1 2012 ™. However, here is revised existing OSD display in the game extensively and put you right in front of two different versions to choose from.

The following list shows the changes:

  • Transparency for hours, and position increases
  • Black Background away at display time
  • New textures added for the start lights
  • Completely new textures for all flag symbols such penalties, SC, lapping ect.
  • New symbol of wrong direction of travel (car symbol flashes bicolor)
  • KERS and DRS icon revised (caption flashes when activated)
Optionally light version available with the following changes:

  • All changes above - in addition
  • Rev-meters (away tachometer)
  • KERS, DRS, speed and gear indicator fully transparent
The light version improves the visibility of the rear-view mirror especially in a number of car chassis (eg. At Red Bull), due to the elimination of the rev counter, which in the game is really just a visual one.

F1 2013 Season Mod-OSD Update


Copy the entire folder "frontend" in your main F1 2012 folder.
Dont forget to back up your original b_osd.pssg file first.

Download - F1 2012 OSD Update

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