F1 2012 ™ - Cam Pack 1

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Cam Pack 1, with many new and revised camera angles for F1 2012 ™ by Codemasters , is now available for you to download. Nine different cam perspectives for all F1 teams, and also new back-Cams are available in pack for you to download.

The most important changes for you in the summary:

  • Multiplayer compatible
  • Compatible with Codemasters patch 1 -11
  • All standard and split screen Cams contain
  • 3 different onboard cams, including new Driver View Cam
  • 3 different T-Cams, including new Driver Side-View Cam
  • New back-up Free for T-and onboard cams contain
  • New back-Cam for Driver Side-View Cam contain
  • Standard TV Cam revised
  • Standard T-Cam partially revised
The screenshots below show you the example of Mclaren. All nine cam perspectives, including the associated back-View Cam.


Unzip the rar file and then copy the entire folder "cars" in your game folder, which is usually on

"C:\Program Files \ F1 2012 \"

If you want to play it safe, create a backup of the original file "cameras.xml" in Team-folder under "cars".

And here is the download link for the cam Pack 1 for you.

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