Formula One 2017 Season

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The Formula One 2017 season will begin on March 26 in Australia and will conclude on November 26 in Abu Dhabi. It will include five back-to-back race weekends. In 2016, we had 21 races - with the loss of the German Grand Prix, that's now down to 20. 

Interactive graphic shows animated circuits, Grand Prix calendar, F1 Drivers' and Constructors World Championship standings and team guide with live timings and results from each race on the calendar. Live, automatic updates during every race session of a Grand Prix weekend. 


In 2017 season the tyres will be around 25 percent wider than in 2016, with rear width up from 325mm to 405, and front width raised from 245 to 305. Tyre diameter has also increased very slightly, though wheel rim size remains unchanged at 13 inches. 

  • Pirelli on the 2017 tyre changes



  • Front wing

  • Rear wing and rear diffuser

  • Sidepods

  • Weight

Maximum weight of Formula One car for 2017 season is increased from 702kg to 722kg plus tyres. 

Power units

A rule change has been made to prevent drivers stockpiling spare power unit elements. During any single event, if a driver introduces more than one of a power unit element that is subject to a grid penalty, only the last element fitted may be used at subsequent events without further penalty. A number of changes have also been introduced aimed at reducing power unit costs, guaranteeing supply for customer teams, and closing the performance gap between engines:

- the power unit price for customer teams has been reduced by €1m per season compared to 2016.

- to ensure the supply of power units to customer teams, the homologation procedure now includes an ‘obligation to supply’ that is activated in the event of a team facing an absence of supply. 

- the previous ‘token’ system for in-season engine development has been removed.

- Additionally, constraints on power unit part weights, dimensions and materials, and on boost pressure, are being introduced in 2017 and in 2018. 

Other changes

  • Wet-weather standing starts

If a safety car is deemed to be required for the beginning of a race due to wet weather, unlike previously a normal standing start will occur once the track is deemed safe to race. The process will see the safety car return to the pit lane and the cars assemble on the grid for the start. 

  • Helmet livery

Drivers must continue to use essentially the same helmet design at all races for easy recognition of the driver in the car. However, each driver is now allowed to use a special livery at one event of his choosing, such as a home race for example. Drivers will also be allowed to change their helmet liveries if changing teams during the season. 

2016 Championship standings

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Interactive graphic shows Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championship standings, with details of all eleven teams and their drivers.

F1 2016 Championship

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The Formula One 2016 World Championship, comprising 21 Grands Prix, commences with the Australian GP, and concluding in Abu Dhabi in November.

Interactive graphic shows animated circuits, Grand Prix calendar, F1 Drivers' and Constructors World Championship standings and team guide with live timings and results from each race on the calendar. Live, automatic updates during every race session of a Grand Prix weekend. 

F1 2014 Season Mod v1.2.4

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The Formula 1 2014 season  has already started last weekend in Australia. Nico Rosberg won the first 2014 Grand Prix in Melbourne, he finished  more than 20 seconds ahead of the field. Daniel Ricciardo came in second on home tarmac, but was later excluded for a rule breach. So after after stewards decision and Ricciardo's disqualification, McLaren's rookie Kevin Magnussen finished second and his team-mate Jenson Button finished third.

So now let's get to the main reason of this post!

Here's the 2014 mod  for F1 2013 ™ by Codemasters for you to download and play it. Thanks to Gustavo Luna for permission to distribute his F1 2014 season mod here on F1 Fast Lap blog. And of course thanks to all other modders who were involved in this project.


Fictional F1 2014 Season Mod

  • Language: English
  • Note: This mod is only for  career mode it's not Multiplayer compatible
  • 2014 F1 drivers and teams
  • Fictional 2014 calendar
F1 2014 Season Mod includes:

  • Gearbox of 8 gears
  • Emulation ERS
  • Cars (drivers, helmets, etc)
  • Characters (drivers textures)
  • Database (calendar and circuits)
  • Frontend (textures/updates for drivers and teams)
  • Language (2014 / new dates / new drivers)
  • Changed the logo (now 2014 logo) in the menu
  • Updated garages
  • New photos of the drivers in the menu
  • New pictures of drivers helmets in the menu 
  • Drivers Menu (All helmets and updated numbers) 
  • Grid Representation of all cars in 2014
For more mod description updates visit this link 

McLaren Mercedes MP4-29 Australian&Malaysian GP Livery

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Two weeks ago in Melbourne, McLaren said the prominent »Mobil« branding on the sidepods of its 2014 car was a one-off. Now in Malaysia, McLaren's black sidepods are featuring the branding of »Esso«, another ExxonMobil brand.

McLaren 2014 Australian GP special livery as the team was celebrating the 20th anniversary of its relationship with ExxonMobil. 

The Mercedes-powered car launched by the Woking based team and tested throughout the winter was all silver, with »MP4-29« marked on the silver sidepods in the wake of title sponsor Vodafone's departure. Revised bodywork for the MP4-29's sidepods and rear wing, featuring detailed black livery markings with Mobil fuels branding alongside Mobil 1. The relationship between McLaren and ExxonMobil began back in 1995, and acting McLaren CEO Jonathan Neale said it was right the partnership is recognised.


*McLaren Mercedes MP4-29 Australian GP SD&HD and McLaren Mercedes MP4-29 Australian GP livery Made Gustavo Luna*

  • (mod taken with permission from the author)
  • Distribution or use in other mods: Requires permission from the author Gustavo Luna

Mclaren Australian and Malaysian GP liveries done in SD (2048x2048) and HD (4096x4096) sizes. Files are clearly marked in the download file.